Tine Stiller drawing of self

writing by day, drawing by night

… in Berlin

I like writing, drawing pictures and solving problems. I mainly work with the drawn line, mixed media and digital.

I am interested in language, strong colours, clean lines and the beautiful combination of silly and witty. I intend my work to be lively and playful, whilst still referencing the complexities of the human condition. I try to be reflective of my day to day life, because underneath it all this is the only thing that seems to be reliable.

Good ideas are valuable. I appreciate the superpower of imagination and art that somehow reflects the world we live in. I want to create something that makes people smile and understand that „cool“ is not a goal but an illusion.

Furthermore I am interested in people and their stories, music, ideas, humour, colours, paint and story telling, songs, travelling, urban life, underdogs and other bizarre animals.

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