Mood stickers for city dwellers

Living in the city is stressful, mean, unfair, but also creative, fun and exciting. Since people don’t seem to talk to or even notice each other anymore, you need to express your feelings differently. Get a printer and some scissors and make these mood stickers (You find the modelling sheet at the end of this article). They come in handy in all kind of situations. If you belong to the very fortunate who do not have to use public transport the stickers might be helpful in your social life.
„Fancy a drink?“
„What do you mean ‚you have to get up early‘…?“



boring_tine-stiller please_dont_sit_here_tine-stillerwhatareyoulookingat_tine-stillerfancy_a_drink_tine_stillerfashion_tine-stillerhangup_tine-stiller

Download Mood stickers for city dwellers

mood_stickers_for_city_dwellers_tine_stillerMood stickers for city dwellers Bastelbogen zum Ausschneiden

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